M2D Camo Articles

A detailed look at how coyotes see camo patterns.

Predator Xtreme Magazine – February 2009

The last two issues of PX
gave us an anatomical breakdown on coyote vision.
Understanding what they see and
what they don’t see allows us to
draw some definite conclusions as
to what camouflage patterns best
conceal us.
We know coyotes don’t distinguish
the color green. That color, depending on its shade will appear to them
as dark grey to white. We also now
know they have poor depth of field
– that is, objects in front of or
behind the precise area they are
focused on appear out of focus.
Move our decoy a distance away
from us, and you move into their
“out of focus” area – a big plus…………


Standing out in the camouflage game

Deer Park’s Sparky Sparkes has had some early success with his M2D Camo

Deer Park Tribune – April 18, 2007


Deer Park’s Sparky Sparkes finds himself in an unusual quandary: trying to gain attention for a business where being invisible is the key.

Sparkes is the designer of M2D Camo, a new line of camouflage gear for the outdoorsman.

A hunter since his boyhood days in Walla Walla, Sparkes said the need for a new line of camouflage became apparent after growing increasingly tired of “animals picking me out” while wearing the standard gear…… Review

This is by design it blends or changes to match different hunting surroundings.

This is the first season for testing M2D (Made Two Deceive) Camo clothing. We received the six-pocket pant, button camp shirt lightweight jacket, face mask and ball camp. The pant, jacket, and shirt are 7 oz. poly cotton brush twill for early season hunting. The M2D has one pattern that blends in with any outdoor environment. We tested on duck hunts, upland game and deer hunts and all of us that tested noticed the fabric has a yellow tint to it. This is by design it blends or changes to match different hunting surroundings. The M2D does have a distinctive pattern and color and with the testing we did, it worked. This is not cold weather gear, we tested early season, and as the temperatures dropped, we left in the closet. Overall, we like the fit and pattern but it is definitely for early season…….

M2D Camo Gear Review

Predator Hunting with article author Troy Adams

It has long been a personal frustration of mine that I cannot find a really good camouflage
pattern to blend in with prairie grass or CRP fields. I spend a good deal of time hunting
both. The nearest camouflage pattern I could find were always designed for duck hunters.
While some came close they were never quite what I wanted. They always added things
like thick bladed grass, cattails, or tree branches to the grassy pattern. Things like that
look very out of place in the prairie or CRP fields. I spend a lot of time hunting coyotes,
and a few months ago I noticed fellow coyote hunters posting some very interesting
looking camouflage clothing in their photographs on the internet. Hence, I started
asking questions in an attempt to find out where they were getting this very impressive
grassy-looking camouflage. My search led me to a phone call with Sparky Sparkes (yes,
that is the name he goes by, and he is a fireman by trade) owner and designer of M2D