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Wash & Care

M2D Camo Washing and General Care

If your M2D CAMO needs to be washed, we recommend you buy a new set, or follow instructions below.

Thank you for purchasing this M2D garment! Once you’ve had the opportunity to field test your new clothing, we believe you will agree that this revolutionary camouflage pattern is the most effective and versatile design on the market!

In order to provide maximum comfort and lasting effectiveness, Team M2D would like to recommend the following washing and care instructions.

As with all newly manufactured fabrics, you will notice a certain “stiffness and sheen” when you first unwrap your clothing. M2D suggests washing this garment at least twice, prior to wearing it for the first time. This process will “soften” the pattern by removing excess dye and by “fluffing” the individual cloth fibers. In addition, it will remove the stiffness associated with the manufacturing process, making for a much more pliable, comfortable, and quieter garment.

Washing Instructions:

1.Turn garments such as shirts, pants, and jackets inside out, and fasten all buttons and close all zippers.
2.The best method to use in order to prevent fading, is to fill a large plastic bucket or laundry sink with cold water and add a box of “baking soda” or a high quality “non-scented detergent” specifically designed for camouflage clothing. These specialty detergents further protect against UV detection.
3.Do not use a common household detergent, as it contains UV brighteners and is scented.
4.Slosh the clothes in the water, and let them soak overnight.
5.Rinse thoroughly in cold water, wring out and drip dry.

When using a washing machine:

1.Use a “cold water” wash and rinse, and the “gentle” cycle setting.
2.Add “baking soda” or “non-scented detergent”.
3.Do not add bleach or liquid fabric softeners.

Drying Instructions:

1.It is best to hang the garments outside to dry.
2.If using a clothes dryer, set it on low heat, turn the camouflage inside out, and remove it from the dryer as quickly as possible.
3.Do not add a “sheet fabric softener” unless it is “unscented”.
4.Some garments, such as those utilizing water repellant fabrics, or fragile liners, should always be hung to dry.

Removing blood stains:

1.There are several solutions and additives that will help remove bloodstains, such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, meat tenderizer, etc. However, you must use extreme caution when working with these products to insure that they do not fade or damage the fabric. If using any stain removal product, it is always best to test an area of the fabric first, to insure it does not fade.
2.A safe method is to use “table salt” and/or a paste made with “salt, corn starch or baking soda”.
3.For large stains, salt works well. Using a large sink, tub, pail, or similar container, fill with cold water. Never use hot water, as this will further set the stain.
4.Add a generous amount of salt to the water, or wet the stain, then sprinkle salt directly on the fabric.
5.Let soak for at least 30 minutes, but do not let the fabric dry out. Rinse. If the stain is still there, repeat.
6.For smaller, or particularly stubborn blood stains, use a soft bristle nylon brush (scrub brush, toothbrush, etc.) to lightly scrub the stain with a paste made from salt, cornstarch, or baking soda.
7.Once the stain is removed, wash following the recommended washing instructions.

We hope you enjoy your M2D clothing. By using the enclosed washing and care instructions, you will find that your new M2D garment will require minimal care in order to provide optimal comfort and lasting effectiveness. Good hunting, and Stay Safe!

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