Rick from Wyoming

wyomingtestJust wanted to say, as you can see, your camo works great. Antelope was in Wyoming, I took him on first day at 337 yards, only after crawling through cacti and yucca plants.The turkey wasn’t talking until the guys were responding to a structure fire, when they went by on the siren, that got him gobbling and I called him in within ten minutes.

Troy Adams from PredatorMasters.com

predatortestThere was recently some discussion about your M2D camouflage at Predatormasters.com. I doubt there is anything said there that you don’t already realize. However I think it is probably good for you to see what hunters think of your camouflage. I still think it’s the best pattern EVER for prairie, CRP, or grassland environments. Like some of those that posted on the site, I really wish/hope that the quality of material can be improved. I’m sure you will agree with me that cotton pretty much sucks for serious outdoor use. Hopefully a new door of opportunity for better fabric will be opened to you eventually. Just for the record the “only” cotton hunting apparel I own is your M2D clothing. It’s because I like the pattern that much and truly believe it is a game changer. For me to make that kind of compromise says a lot about your camouflage pattern!

Joe Koros

korosLoving your gear perfect for all Australian conditions from
hunting Camels in Outback Western Australian desert to hunting ducks in
Victoria’s beautiful redgum swamps,love it love it love it!

Travis Bullock of Bullock Outdoors

bullocktest Bullock Outdoors has been partnered with M2D Camo since 2008 and could not be more pleased with the excellent products they continue to put on the market. Members of TEAM Bullock Outdoors have used M2D in many states all the way through the Rockies & Midwest and across our northern border into Canada. If you are in pursuit of Record Class Big Game, Migrating Waterfowl or Predator Control you will not find a better all purpose camo pattern!

From the Cool short sleeve t-shirts to the warm X-treme Cold Fleece gear, M2D Camo has a wide variety of products to match the weather and season for all hunting and outdoor opportunities! With these great products I am provided comfort and concealment all the way throughout the year whether I am chasing early season honkers in August, sitting in a tree stand waiting for a late season Giant Whitetail in January or finishing off the season in the mud chasing weary Spring Snow Geese in April. Myself and members of TEAM Bullock Outdoors have also used M2D to spot and stalk as well as call in a wide variety of wild game with Great Success!

Myself and TEAM members have been caught out of our blinds on several occasions chasing waterfowl and had the birds still finish to the decoys because we blended in so well in the wheat or corn. With our M2D the geese and ducks don’t even see us! One thing is for certain, I wouldn’t be caught in the field without my M2D Camo.

Thank you Sparky for the M2D pattern and incredible line of products available so we can continue to have Hunts of a Lifetime!

Joe Baril

bullocktestI decided to do a comparison between m2d and realtree. last year i wore nothing but m2d and had 12 deer at different times within 5 yards and never spooked. This year so far I’ve worn realtree and had deer spook at 40 yards and look right at me there is nothing like m2d even in the trees.
Thank you for making an incredible product.