Water Dipping

What is Water Dipping?

M2D Camo now available as film for the process known as water transfer imaging, sometimes also called hydrographics; the process of applying decorative finished to 3D products. With this process practically anything can be decorated with M2D! Decorate your firearms, bows, hunting gear, electronics, car interior parts, ATV’s; the sky’s the limit! Any hard surface, non-porous and that can be submersed in water can be decorated. Another good rule of thumb is if you can get paint to stick to the object most likely you can have it decorated it with this process. Examples of such materials are: plastics, glass, hardwoods, fiberglass, ceramics, and metal.

Where can my items dipped in M2D Camo?

Ask your local hydrographics shop for M2D Camo by name. If they do not have them available, they can be ordered from the official distributor – Liquid Print. Liquid Print offers technical support to companies once they have established an account. Liquid Print will provide pricing and available products to customers and potential customers by request only. Liquid Print is not a supplier to the hobbyist or non-commercial processor.



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