How M2D Camo works and compares to others!

“You have just been DECEIVED”. All of the images seen in the video above are the same pattern and same color. They just appear to change colors based on natural light and surrounding environments. Notice how all the scenes are taken out in the wide open without hiding behind other props. Isn’t it time you start deceiving Mother Nature?

National Hunting League Kickstarter Campaign Kick-off!

A Documentary TV series featuring PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE Players enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends off the ice. The Concept: The National Hunting League is a unique union of three sports deeply rooted in the love of the outdoors, hockey, hunting and fishing. Most hockey players agree that there is no comparison to …

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Marshall MacFarland the “Desert Rat” blogs about M2D Camo

Having an outdoor website, I’m on a ton of mailing lists. Some I pay more attention to than others. Sparky from M2D Camo is always sending me cool stuff. From deep sea fishing trips, to monster trucks, to hunting all over North America – it’s always something worth looking at. The nice thing is it’s …

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