Can you distinguish one pattern from the other in the pictures below?

“You have just been DECEIVED“. All of the photos above are the same pattern, same color, same garments. They just appear to change colors based on natures light and surrounding environments. Notice how close all photos are taken out in the wide open without hiding behind other props. Isn’t it time you start deceiving Mother Nature?

M2D Camo’s “Livin’ the Dream” on FOX 28 Every Sunday at 4:30PM

Check out this awesome clip for a sample of the great action and excitement you can see every week on M2D Camo’s Livin’ The Dream on KAYU FOX 28! Also watch during the show for a special discount code to use on your next M2D Camo order! KAYU’s signal is carried by some 75 multichannel …

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Michigan man gives hunters a bad rap [WARNING: May be difficult to watch]

Michigan Hunter wounds a Coyote then lets his dogs tear him apart for entertainment. “In the UP, one hunter may, or may not, criminal charges after his dogs attacked a wounded coyote near Ironwood. The man allegedly shot the coyote multiple times before siccing his dogs on the animal and encouraging them to rip it …

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Five Tips For GoPro Camera Hunting use.

by Alex Robinson Last spring I had a chance to hunt turkeys in Nebraska with Cabela’s, Camp Chef, and GoPro (this was a joint adventure with some of the Field & Streamers). I’d hunted and fished with GoPro cameras before, but this trip was the first time I receieved a tutorial on how to most effectively …

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Bear Hunting Tips

Sparky offers some great bear hunting tips and tricks. Beware that baiting and other factors of bear hunting vary from state to state. Sparky’s pro-tip is to buy a box of tampons and soak them in vanilla extract or hickory smoke. The sweet smell and taste with draw in the bears in. Baiting you traps …

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Idaho considers scaling back sage grouse hunting

HUNTING — Idaho is considering more restrictions on hunting sage grouse, including closures on south-state areas where the number of males at breeding grounds has declined more than 50 percent in three years. Montana already has decided to close sage grouse hunting in some districts this year. Sage-grouse are proposed for listing under the federal …

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Impact of hunting on the economy

Hunting has a large impact of local and national economy. Check out this awesome info-graphic on hunting related revenue compared to other companies as well as tags and stamp sales over a couple years span. Do your part! Check out our full product line and get out in the woods!

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